Price list

LadiesShelleyJo DaviesJo NyaJanine
Cut & Finish£38.00£31.00£31.00£28.00
Dry Cut£20.00£20.00£18.00
Wet Cut£22.00£22.00£20.00
Blowdry with Curls£22.00£18.00£18.00£15.50
Blow Dry with Curls (long hair – below shoulders)£27.00£23.00£23.00£20.50
Dry Curls£16.00£13.00£13.00£12.00
Glamour / Vintage Wave£38.00£31.00£31.00£28.00
GentsShelleyJo DaviesJo NyaJanine
Dry Cut£17.00£15.00£15.00£13.50
Under 12 – GirlsShelleyJo DaviesJo NyaJanine
Cut & Finish£19.00£19.00£17.50
Dry Cut£10.00£10.00£10.00
Under 12 – BoysShelleyJo DaviesJo NyaJanine
Dry Cut£10.00£10.00£10.00
Colour*ShelleyJo DaviesJo NyaJanine
Full Head Foils£65.00£62.00£62.00£60.00
Half Head Foils£40.00£38.00£38.00£35.00
Parting Foils£33.00£30.00£30.00£27.50
Few Foils£15.00£15.00£15.00£10.00
Cap Highlights (short hair only)£30.00£30.00£30.00£28.00
Root Tint£38.00£36.00£36.00£36.00
T-Section tint£16.00£16.00£16.00£15.00
Full Head Colour (short hair – to cheekbone and shorter)£38.00£36.00£36.00£36.00
Full Head Colour
(medium hair – cheekbone to collarbone)
Full Head Colour (long hair – collarbone and below)from £50.00from £50.00from £50.00from £50.00
Direct Colourfrom £15.00from £15.00from £15.00from £15.00
Ombre / Balayage£65.00£62.00£62.00



ExtensionsShelleyJo DaviesJo NyaJanine
Extensionsfrom £150.00from £150.00from £150.00
Re-Tape£1.00 per tape£1.00 per tape£1.00 per tape
Extension Removal£30.00£30.00£30.00

 *Here at Shelley’s Salon we have a strict policy that requires anyone who is having their first colour with us to have a simple skin test at least 48 hours before the colour is applied to the hair. Please contact the salon in order to arrange this.

 Please Note: All colour services are priced without a blowdry or cut, which must be booked separately if required.

Wedding Hair & Trials

Wedding Hair & TrialsShelleyJo NyaJanine
Bride Wedding Day & Trial£160.00£126.00£126.00
Bridesmaid Hair-Up£40.00£40.00£40.00
Mother of the Bride Hair-Up£40.00£40.00£40.00
Flower Girl / Child Hair-Up (under 12)£25.00£25.00£25.00
Call Out Fee*£50.00£50.00£50.00
Out of Hours Fee (Per Stylist)**£25.00£25.00£25.00

* If you require our stylists to travel to your wedding venue there will be an additional Call Out Fee of £50.00 (regardless of how many stylists you require for the day)

**If you require an early morning start (before 9am) or a Sunday there will be an additional Out of Hours Fee of £25.00 per Stylist. 


Full Make-Up£30.00
Eye Make-Up£18.00
Party Lashes£8.50
Bridal Make-Up & Trial£78.00

Our Make-Up artist is freelance and can be booked by contacting her directly on 07427578780. For examples of her work please visit her Facebook page here.


For any enquiries or to book an appointment please contact the salon on 01656 722225 or email us at