Shelley answers your FAQ's about Pastel Hair

Shelley answers your FAQ’s about Pastel Hair

At Shelley’s Salon we are always being asked about the pastel trend, here are your questions answered!

My hair is fairly dark, can I still try the pastel trend?Pastel_hair_trend_Pink_shelleys_salon_shelley_pengillt_hairdressers_bridgend_glamorgan

You can try out the trend but believe the transition will require a lot of time. The process is a lot of work and can also be quite costly as pastel shades work best on pre-lightened hair. Lightening dark hair as much as possible in the shortest amount of time will likely involve a whole day in the salon!

If my hair colour is stripped , will this ruin the overall condition of my hair?

Stripping is an intense process that we would not perform on already weak hair. We often recommend a strand test prior to your appointment, this allows us to see how your hair will respond to the process. If your hair is strong enough, stripping will not ruin the overall condition of your hair.

How long do these colours last?

Pastel_hair_trend_Pink_shelleys_salon_shelley_pengillt_hairdressers_bridgend_glamorganColour generally lasts between four and eight washes. Some colours, blue for example, takes longer to wash out than many of the other colours. Here at Shelley’s we use milk_shake Direct colour, to create the pastel shades that are popular at the moment. We mix the colour with conditioning whipped cream to vary the intensity of the shade and also nourish the hair. The more intense the shade the longer it will take to wash out, although the colour will fade considerably after one or two washes.

How much does this service typically cost?

On pre-lightened hair, the cost of a direct colour service varies between £10 and £25. If your hair is darker and pre-lightening will be part of the process the cost is considerably more. The whole service, including pre-lightening tends to be between £80 and £100.

Can I top up my colour at home? Is it difficult to maintain?

If you wanted to top up your colour between your salon appointments you can purchase milk_shake Direct Pastel_hair_trend_Pink_shelleys_salon_shelley_pengillt_hairdressers_bridgend_glamorganColour (RRP 27.99) and milk_shake conditioning whipped cream (RRP 15.79) here in Shelley’s. The process is simple and straightforward. You can see how easy it is in the Step By Step Video tutorial HERE