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  1. Hi! I live in Kenfig hill, I currently have a bob hair style, and wondered do to do keretin bond extensions? Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Jessica,

      We currently stock Kapello Hair extensions. There is plenty of information about them on our blog posts or Facebook page. I have them myself and they are amazing! x

  2. Hi,

    I am getting married on the 25th of June at Rosedew farm in Llantwit Major.
    I have just started to look around for someone to do our hair and your work looks beautiful!
    There would be myself and three bridesmaids.
    Would you be available for that date and what would the rough cost be?



    1. Hi Emily,

      Sorry for the late reply!! I’m afraid Shelley and the team are working the pop up salon in Glastonbury on the date of your wedding. Very sorry about that!


  3. Hiya, I was wondering how much do you take for the tape in extensions, probably 20 inches, full head? X

    1. Hi Victoria,

      We currently retail Zen tape in hair extensions, the price varies so a consultation is essential, however a full head is usually priced between £350 and £450

      Best Wishes x

    1. Hi Kelly,

      We do offer balayage colouring and the price is the same as a full head of foils, £62 (that is not including a cut and blowdry).

      Best Wishes x

  4. Hi I was wondering if you did a full head of unicorn or sometimes called rainbow hair colours, if so, how much?
    I’ve sent a pic, on the website link

    1. Hi Zoe,

      We do a lot of Direct Colour here, including all the pastel shades. However, your hair has to be pre-lightened for the colour to be visible.

      I would recommend popping in for a free consultation, you can find our opening hours on our facebook page.


  5. Hi Shelley
    I would like to Thankyou for the amazing new platinum ghd’s I purchased from your salon a few weeks ago, they are amazing. I’m wondering how much a full head of foils would be with 2 blondes? Thankyou Tracey X

    1. Hi Tracey,

      Sorry for the delayed reply, I’ve been away this week! I’m glad you are happy with your ghd’s, they are my favourite styler 😀

      For a full head of foils the cost is £62, then you add either the cut and blowdry on top which is between an extra £16.50 and £34.50 xx

  6. Hi, we have just moved to Tondu and are looking for a new hair salon. How much do you charge for a cut and blow dry please and also a wet cut for a 14 year old boy? Thanks

    1. Hi Joanna, Thank you for your inquiry 🙂
      A cut and blowdry is between £28 and £34.50 depending on a stylist. A gents cut is between 13.50 and 15.50.

      Best Wishes,

      The Team at Shelleys x

    1. Hi Emma,

      Thank you for your inquiry 🙂 we use a product range called milk_shake in the salon. The colours and styling products have organic fruit extracts, and contain little or no sulphates and parabens. However they are not marketed as entirely organic. Though they are much kinder to hair than other ranges and do contain organic extracts I wouldnt want to mislead you and say the range is 100% organic.

  7. Hi there just wondering if you can help. I have been to well over 20 hairdressers in S. Wales & each time I’m having bleach highlights put on top of bleach highlights & my hair is snapping & has thinned so much over the years, I don’t know what to do. I don’t suit being dark or even having block highlift tint because it just looks brassy for me, I like an ashy blonde with darker bits, I’m hoping to go a bit darker but not too dark around the face. I don’t know what to do. Daryl in Richard Anthony salon Cardiff seems to be the only one who just highlights at the roots & gets quite close to the scalp which is great but I’m looking for somewhere a bit closer & he isn’t the friendliest of hairdressers to chat to & have a laugh, he’s extremely serious & barely says a word, sorry to be fussy but I’ve been everywhere. Kamagata were ok but fried my hair with bleach & they closed down due to liquidation, Ken Picton dyed my hair bright orange & most other hairdressers can only do chunky old fashioned bleached highlights that look like 1-2 months regrowth, I’ve really had a terrible time to be honest. I just want to grow my hair, improve condition & have subtle lighter thin pieces throughout, surfer style I guess.

    1. Hi Nat,

      Thank you so much for your inquiry, it sounds like you have tried a lot of hairdressers and not had much luck! We specialize in colour here and I would definitely recommend popping in for a free consultation if that’s convenient for you.It might be best to bring a few images with you so we can get a better idea of what you want to achieve, we can also assess the condition of your hair as bleach on top of bleach is definitely not recommended unless you have very thick and resilient hair! You can call us on 01656 722225 🙂

      Hope to hear from you soon, best wishes

      The Team at Shelley’s x

    1. Hi Lisa,

      A full head typically costs between 300-500, that includes the cost of the hair and £150 to have them fitted.

      The price of the hair depends on both the colour and thickness of your current hair.

      If you would like to go ahead I recommend popping in for a free consultation so we can colour match you and give you an exact quote.

      Best Wishes,

      The Team at Shelley’s x

  8. Hi there,
    My hair has already gone prematurely grey, over 80% I’d say and about a year ago I decided to embrace it! I have been using Jerome Russell toners in steel and aqua to make it a bit more interesting and my hair takes the colour reasonably well if a bit patchy. I have just purchased the milk shake silver shine shampoo and and corresponding whipped cream conditioner. I’m interested in trying the milk shake direct colours, will they work on grey hair? If so what would be the best colours/combinations to try and would it be best to mix them with the normal whipped cream conditioner?

    1. Hi Tracey,

      Apologies for the late reply! With regards to colouring your grey with direct colour, it really depends on the shade of grey and how porous your hair is. The colours work very well when colouring the lightest grey, however the colour does not last long so you would have to top it up every few washes to keep the colour strong. When mixing the direct colour with whipped cream you can alter the intensity of the colour. You can see the effects of this and how Shelley creates her signature candy shades on the How To’s with Shelley page of our website 🙂

      Hope this helps!

  9. Hi I’m getting married on 18 February…yes 4 weeks and looking for someone to do my hair locally, I’m fairly new to the area. How much do you charge for bridal hair trial and hair on the day?

  10. Hi Alisha
    I’ve just realised that I’ve come home with two conditioners after my appointment on Friday morning.
    Please could I call in and swap one of them for a shampoo on Monday?

  11. Hi
    I have black shoulder length hair and fancied a colour change.
    I have been told this is impossible for such dark hair.
    But I thought I’d ask as I have seen some awesome colour transformations on your page.

    1. Hi Tracey 🙂

      Thank you for your inquiry. Colour does not lift colour so dark hair must be stripped/pre-lightened. It is definitely possible to lighten dark hair but it is an intense process and whether we could do that really depends on the current strength of your hair. I would recommend a free consultation so we could perform a strand test to see how much your hair will lift.

      Is your hair coloured at the moment? That makes a big difference too! If you’ve been using very dark box dyes for years for example, this makes the process incredibly slow and difficult.

      Hope that helps x

    1. Hi Linda,

      There are many formulas depending on the base you are working with, are you thinking of a particular image of mine?


    1. Hello Sarah,

      We have appointments available all day on the 30th. What time would you like to book in? x

  12. Hi, I’m looking for someone to do the groom’s hair and her best man? Basically the best man is female and has long hair. The groom is female and has short sides and long top but would like some styling. The wedding is 23rd oct 2021

  13. Hi i was just wondering on prices for hair done for a wedding its myself and my 2 bridsmaids and do you do a hair trial before hand, ty

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