Work Out Hair Never Looked So Good

Sweat-proof, movement-proof and oh-so flattering, your work-out hair will never look so good with this simple twist to the gym-girls classic pony.

Step 1
Spritz milk_shake Dry Shampoo throughout the hair to add texture and to keep hair looking clean and grease free.
Step 2 
Comb the hair into a ponytail,  follow the line from the cheek bone to the top of head to elevate the face and ensure you achieve a very flattering look whatever your age. Keeping the ponytail high on the head prevents it falling forward and distracting you during exercise
Step 3
The second bobble should contain any small layers that can jump around – your positioning my vary from the image dependent on the length of your layers.  Add a finishing touch by wrapping a tiny piece of hair around the bobble then and spritzing with hairspray for extra control.